What’s a CBD Vape Shot? How to Upgrade Your E-Liquid with CBD Boosters

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How to Use CBD Boosters: Easily Upgrade Your E-Liquid with CBD

Do you have a favourite E-Liquid that you wish came as a CBD blend? If so, CBD Boosters are perfect for you.

If you’ve got an E-Liquid—any E-Liquid—you can turn it into a CBD vape juice by adding CBD Boosters. You can mix them into your E-Liquid bottle or add a few drops to your filled tank to achieve the same effect. Most CBD Boosters are unflavoured, ensuring minimal or no hemp flavour makes it into your juice.

But how do you use CBD vape shots? Are CBD Boosters confusing to mix?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

How much CBD Booster do I add to my tank?

CBD dosage comes down to personal preference and your body chemistry’s tolerance to CBD. Regular CBD users might have a good idea of how much they’ll need to feel the effects of the CBD, but if you’re unsure, we recommend starting at a dose of 10mg and working your way up until you find your sweet spot.

Okay, but how do you get 10mg into your vape tank? This will depend on the strength of your CBD Booster.

For this example, we’ll be using a 10ml booster with a 500mg strength.

To calculate the amount of CBD per millilitre in your vape shot, you’ll need to divide the amount of E-Liquid in your CBD booster bottle by the total amount of CBD (in mg) to determine the amount of CBD per millilitre. In this case, a 10ml vape shot with a 500mg strength totals 50mg per 1ml.

So, to achieve a 10mg strength in a 2ml vape tank, we’ll need to do some more simple maths. Each drop from a dropper will provide approximately 0.05ml of liquid, and with some basic arithmetic, we can conclude that there’s roughly 2.5mg of CBD per drop. We now know that 1ml equals 50mg of CBD, so to achieve 10mg, you’ll need to put 4 drops into your 2ml tank to achieve a 10mg CBD strength.

To mix CBD Boosters into your tank, we recommend putting the drops in first then filling your tank with your chosen E-Liquid. Give it a good shake, and voila: you have a 10mg strength CBD vape juice.

If you want to increase the amount of CBD in your tank, simply add a few more drops. 8 drops will give you 20mg, 16 drops will provide 40mg, and so on.

It then goes without saying that if you buy a 1000mg strength CBD booster, you’ll need to halve the amount added to your tank as the CBD Booster is twice as potent. If you buy a lower strength CBD Booster, you’ll need to increase the amount. As long as you do the simple calculations outlined above, you’ll be able to calculate your own dosage.

You can, of course, decide to “wing it” if you want to, but it can be helpful to fine-tune your dosage so you know how much you’ll need to add in the future.

CBD Strength Diagrams - tank

How much CBD Booster do I add to my E-Liquid bottle?

So, if you’d rather mix it all into your E-Liquid bottle and not have to worry about adding drops to your tank, you can also add your CBD Boosters directly into your bottle of E-Liquid. We recommend trying the tank method first to ensure that you’re happy with the combination, consistency, and so on. Once you’re sure about adding it all into your E-Liquid bottle, you can start on this step.

So, for this example (and for the sake of consistency) we’ll be referring to the 10ml CBD Booster with the 500mg strength CBD.

Now, we’re going to do the same calculations as before, just on a slightly grander scale to suit the larger volume.

Say you’ve got a 50ml shortfill bottle of E-Liquid—which is perfect, given that shortfill bottles aren’t filled all the way, leaving just enough space for additional 10ml additives like nicotine or CBD to be mixed in.

If you divide the total amount of liquid—which will be 60ml (50ml + 10ml CBD Booster)—by the strength of the CBD Booster (500mg), you’ll find that 1ml of the final product will contain roughly 8.33mg of CBD. This means that when you fill your 2ml tank with the freshly-mixed solution, you’ll have a total of about 16.67mg of CBD in your tank.

Of course, 16.67mg of CBD is a good starting dosage (albeit somewhat high), and you may find that this dosage is perfect for you. At the same time, if you’d like to increase or decrease your dosage, you can get a higher or lower strength CBD Booster to mix into your E-Liquid. Mixing in a 250mg strength CBD Booster will provide half as much CBD per tank-full, while a 1000mg strength will provide double the CBD.

CBD Strength Diagrams - bottle

What strength CBD Booster should I buy?

The answer to this comes down to what dosage you’d like to use. While it might be your gut instinct to go for either the highest or the lowest strength available, you should calculate your dosage beforehand so you know exactly how much you’ll need per ml. This will, of course, depend on whether you prefer adding drops directly to your tank or mixing the entire solution into your E-Liquid bottle.

Thankfully, research shows that unlike other substances, people don’t generally tend to build a tolerance to CBD over time (in fact, some research even suggests that you may need less over time), so once you find your ideal dosage, you’re golden. You may never need to adjust your dosage as a result.

Summary: CBD Boosters

So, by now, you should be familiar with what CBD Boosters are and how to use them in your vape tank or E-Liquid bottle.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us with any issues you may have.

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Rachel Domanchich
Rachel Domanchich
A self-proclaimed American Weird Girl in London, Rachel is a 26 year-old content writer who uses CBD on a daily basis to help with mood, stress, and sleep. She loves researching the science behind CBD and translating the jargon into digestible articles for everyone to read. Outside of her writing, Rachel is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, wife, and mother of two black cats.

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